Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I will use lines from other songs from time to time, hope nobody minds this. anyway. Just wanted to clarify that. but most of the songs will probably be my reinvented verses mingled, or entirely mine.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

two moments

Two moments
is all it takes
for you and for me
together we're we
we can be who we want to be
without you telling us how
we're the way we are and
nothing more

two moments
for two moments the caravans of our dreams made a stop
then you went your way and I went mine.
two moments
the story of our life
being what we truly endorse
it's you, it's me, it's we

two moments
are all we really need
it doesn't matter
where you are now
I'm still with you
no matter what
two moments showed us what love was
they showed us the reason to live
two moments unfolded
the cliche of our pasts
now we're in the present
the here and the now
it's frightening prospect
we can be whatever we want

two moments
and I don't know what you're thinking
but I know
you miss me
I know you love me
like I love you
it's a game of trust
we finished playing long ago
it's a cliche
we don't need to deal with
now we know
what the truth is
we found it
waiting in the sky
two moments
showed us what they meant
reality has arrived
two moments
what a miracle to have come by upon us
two moments
are all it takes......